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SEO agency by WSA Group in Chicago is a team of leading experts in the field of Internet marketing, sales promotion and e-commerce. Our team consists of the top experts, that we have gathered from the US and around the world. We were able to unite the experience of specialists and exclusive methods of promotion together. We are ready to guarantee high results and implementation of the most complex business goals. Our Agency provides consulting services to our clients on the next level. The high experience of each specialist (more than seven years of work in this field) helps us create exclusive strategies for the development and promotion of your business online. We offer you stable sales growth due to the website optimization and guarantee sales growth and attraction of target audience.

Today a website of the company is the most important tool for sales management. Each website has its own unique characteristics, that we analyze and improve. Comprehensive usage of individually selected optimization tools is the key to effective website promotion. We calculate all the risks and use search engine optimization (SEO), SERM (reputation management), connect contextual advertising Google Adwords, content marketing and social media marketing (SMM).This approach will help us achieve desired results in a short period of time.


Financial guarantees are enshrined in the Contract for the whole duration.
We provide services such as website promotion and sales increasing in English anywhere on the globe.
Manual Work
and no Automation
All projects are being provided by professionals manually. There is no automation and GETTING THE WEBSITE UNDER THE FILTERS.
Fixed Payments No Extra
Charges or Fees
The full cost is enshrined in the Contract. There are no hidden fees and extra payments.
Sales Analytics and
Conversion Growth
We work with a website conversion and number of requests increasing.
24/7 Support With Your
Personal Manager
The operational support and a project reporting to be provided by a personal account manager.
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WSA Group – is the Leading SEO-Marketing agency that is located in the heart of Chicago

Our Chicago SEO Agency was founded in 2015. It brought together experienced professionals who provide daily sales growth for customers in the US and around the world. We study in detail the specifics of your company to offer the most effective mechanisms for its promotion.. This, in its turn, makes it possible to select the most appropriate tools to improve the position of your website and the business as a whole. Choosing the best SEO and internet-marketing agency, is an invest in your future. Sign a cooperation agreement with a company you can trust.

Website Promotion Costs
Optimization and website promotion (semantic core creation) + + +
Task preparation for our SEO specialist and copywriters (eliminating any mistake from the website, publication of promotional texts, and developing a personalized strategy) + + +
Buying subject links on popular portals + + +
Selection of a personal programmer (statement of work implementation is all on us) + + +
Buying the permanent links (the permanent result) + + +
Implementing and sustaining a blog on a website (new key requests will be monthly added) + +
Setting, launching and maintaining of Google Adwords + +
Improving usability and conversion (+ concept of sales increase/implementation) +
Ability to add keywords monthly +
Keywords 30 50 From 100
Setting up targeted advertising (on Instagram/Facebook) +
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Promotion Structure of a Website or How We Will Increase Your Sales

We offer SEO services for Chicago residents and we guarantee the efficiency and the achievement of the goals that you set for us. For each project, we develop promotion strategy, completely eliminating the template methods of promotion. Exclusive strategies offered by our SEO-experts will help get your website to the first page of Google search.

– Url structure design. Users choose a simple and clear resource, that’s why our task is not only to increase the attractiveness of your website for search engines, but also to make it more user-friendly.

– Selection of semantic core. Sales volume depends on customer’s interest in your product or service, the more interest they have the higher traffic there will be. But you should always remember that correct key wards play a huge role in promotion effectives and real customer traffic.

– Website optimization and content. Articles on your website perform three main functions:
• They are an effective SEO-tool.
• They provide sales growth.
• Also improve its information content.

– Regular updates of your website and creation of new articles and key queries. The more often you add new materials to your website, the easier the promotion will be. Regular updating content, publication of informative and useful articles and materials will help you keep users in a good shape and increase the “degree” of their interest in the proposed product.

Order your website promotion from our SEO-company and you will see how it works!

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