Google Completes The Process of Translating Sites Into a Mobile Index

Mobile SEO is a practical technique for optimizing the site of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and mobile users

Mobile SEO is a practical technique for optimizing the site of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and mobile users. Mobile optimization also includes the availability of site resources for search robots.

 Google Completes The Process of Translating Sites Into a Mobile Index

The number of searches for mobile devices is growing every day. In fact, more than 58% of all Google searches are now made from a mobile device. And as they said in the corporation earlier, this primacy is preserved. Moreover, the company intends to adjust its algorithm so that it is initially optimized for mobile users.

This was announced on the eve of the official blog of the company. It says that by September of this year, Google plans to transfer absolutely all web sites to the Mobile-first index.

Next is a fragment of a quote:

«About 70% of all resources are currently in our mobile index. According to expert estimates, the remaining sites, most of them, will migrate to the Mobile-first index soon without any problems.»

Google was also reminded that sites that are still experiencing mobility problems will continue to receive notifications from the search engine through the webmaster’s panel with effective recommendations.

In addition, Google emphasizes that all the advice voiced in the past related to the transition to the Mobile-first index remains valid. By the way, back in 2019, Google decided to use mobile indexing for absolutely all new sites.

Google Mobile First

Google’s Mobile Usability Test

To find out how well your site is optimized for mobile devices, use the Google’s Mobile Usability Test. This is a great Google Search Console tool that lets you know if your site has any usability issues.

To use it, go to your GSC account. Then click «Search Traffic» -> «Ease of View on Mobile Devices». The convenience of viewing the site on mobile devices from Google. At the moment, in Google Webmaster you will receive a message if your site is not optimized for mobile devices.

What conclusions can be drawn?

  • The First Index mobile has already been launched for a large number of sites.
  • Whether the resource has been transferred to the mobile-first index can be found from the notification in the
  • Google Search Console panel or from the cache of the site page and in SERP.
  • Search results from desktop devices will depend on mobile factors.
  • Do now the adaptation of the site for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets, if you have not already.
  • If there are errors on mobile optimization, we are fixing it.
  • We do adaptive design, and not a separate mobile version or dynamic display.
  • If you use pop-ups or hide content in tabs, then do it correctly.
  • Optimize for UX signals so as not to degrade behavioral factors.
  • Work on snippets in mobile results, look at the bounce rate and click length.
  • Speed ​​up page loading to the maximum.
  • Optimize title, description.
  • Implement valid micro-marking.
  • Do not use AMP.
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