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SEO industry have made more than one hundred materials on the topic of website promotion in Google. It is well known that the key task is not only to attract more visitors, but make them a client of your company. Find it out in the author’s article №1…

«Focus on the quality of the resource and its usefulness for the visitor are the key factors for the project to become successful. Create a real value for your client and You will be in the Top»

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SEO industry have made more than one hundred materials on the topic of website promotion in Google. It is well known that the key task is not only to attract more visitors, but make them a client of your company. The effectiveness of this work ensures a powerful flow of customers and sales, which will grow rapidly in favor of the development of your business. This article is not only about how to promote your website in Google (the most popular search engine in the world) but yourself by using (keywords or the most priority phrases and queries), at a minimal cost.

In this article we focus on promotional service of Google; we will try to answer a number of the following questions:

  • How to promote Google website and make it a popular source for your potential customers and theme audience quickly.
  • How to promote a website in Google for free or with minimal cost.
  • Methods and tools to promote the website with a detailed work plan for each of them.
  • How to promote the website from «A» to «Z»: everything from the selection of keywords and their placement on the pages (internal optimization) to purchase links to display certain key phrases on the ranking positions of search engines.
  • How to implement the website promotion in Google by yourself and free of charge on the example of your own Internet project.
  • What specific tool does Google evaluates when it is ranking the resource and what you should pay more attention on.

Relevance, analytical and expert value of this article on website promotion for Google search engine

Website Promotion

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of articles on the Internet, their relevance is not always at a high level. Let mw explain why this happens. Search engine algorithms are constantly updated and those tools that worked a few years or months ago are simply ineffective. The key demand to the promotion of any project is to bring the website to the Top 10 Google results. Thus, you will not be exposed to any changes and you will not be afraid of innovations in the work of Google search in this particular sector.

The most important thing we focus on is to insure the quality of the search results and visibility of your company. We want to create a truly high-quality and useful resource to promote your business, and not clog it with unnecessary spam advertising. So, let’s start from the most important…

Promotion of your website in Google on your own VS to entrust this work to specialists

The main stage of the website optimization and its preparation for external promotion

Before you start promoting a website, it is extremely important to prepare it correctly. You will be able to predict the amount of work and you will see clearly how many keywords and sections you need for promotion your business. You’ll know what is the level of competition and what to expect in the marker. We decided to combine the article about how to promote websites together with internal optimization because the first stage is very important and it influences on all future success. The best way for you to create and optimize the website so that you do not have to redo it in future as it can affect on the effectiveness and speed of the promotion. Time is money. In this article, we also want to focus on free methods. The relevance of this technology is growing every year.

The first thing you need to do with your website is decide what keywords/phrases you want to use too promote it. This list of words can be generated though Google Adwords too ensure the best results for your particular business. With Google Adwords you can generate keywords to understand the level of competition, popularity, and frequency of keywords being used in your area.

The main rule when optimizing any website is too use the correct placement of keywords to attract more clientele. On the Internet, many people are interested in one main question and that is how to promote the site itself without having the recurring involvement of a different companies. Our answer is «Yes, it can be done with our particular line of service». Everything can be accomplished, especially if you approach it with responsibly and seriousness. One needs to understand that their will be a learning at the initial stage. However, our emphasis is to constantly improve the page to reach the most optimum targets/clientele.

Building a hierarchy of keywords

One of the most important tasks in website optimization is to build a hierarchy of key queries. If you are promoting a site for with products and product groups, the pages must be clearly identified. The most popular phrases for these keywords should be integrated and emphasized in main page of the site in order to attract the most attention. Why you might ask? The main page has the most significant impact, because it is considered to be the first level page of any website. If you emphasize on this pg we will be able to promote high-frequency keywords which quickly and effectively promote your website.

Which Url structure will be the most effective for Google

Website should have an appropriate structure of sections and pages. Both people and search engines fix it. The further the section is, the less useful it is. At least that’s what search engines think. Therefore, most prioritized sections should have an appropriate depth of transitions. Ideally it must be 3. Home page will include product items of goods for each category and then there will be cards of goods.

Usability- design of the interface

Perhaps the technical and design elements are not the most import when optimization and promotion the website, but they perform one important function —they convert visitors to customers. They appeal to the eye and attract the customer. Without the conversion and common work of all the criteria linked by one effective chain the promotion your website does not have any value. At the same time, some technical elements can be attributed to SEO functions. If your website is convenient and comfortable to stay on it means that the visitor will be on the project for a long time. The longer the visitors are on it, the more likely they will order a product or carry out a certain action on the site conversion. As a result, behavioral factors will play in your favor. Namely they are an undoubted method of the website promotion, which has recently become more and more relevant and popular online.

How does Google treats links: all about building a link profile

After you have picked your keywords, placed them on the pages of your website and prepared it for your future visitors, it’s time to think about where to take these visitors. In this article, we decided to distribute traffic to specific groups. Each tool performs its function and works for a particular purpose. You need to understand clearly what is the traffic and where your visitors find out about it.

Types of the traffic source or why it is so important

Real traffic

We are talking about traffic from search engines. This is exactly what this article and its key tools are devoted to. In other words, a person enters a key request and makes a selects from the list of TOP 10 results in Google, and possibly on the second or third (if not found on the first) the site that is able to offer the most favorable and interesting conditions regarding the sale of goods or services. Search engine SEO-promotion tools bring this traffic. The main function of which is to promote your website by using keywords. In simple terms the more donors and better sites that link to sections of Your project with the required key requests, the promotion of which is carried out, the higher position website takes in organic search results in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Paid traffic

All the tools you pay for will bring you paid visitors. In the first type of traffic, it was possible to write, suppose, high-quality and useful material that would be freely distributed on the Internet and become popular itself (this is also possible, and we will tell you how to do it later), then you would not have to pay for the visitor. In this case you pay for the visibility of your project and you find future customers where the first source of traffic does not work. Person with recommendations of external sites and with proper processing becomes Your customer.

The paid traffic sources are:

  • Google AdWords contextual advertising;
  • banner advertising;
  • teaser advertising;
  • media advertising;
  • video advertising;
  • paid advertising in social networks, etc.

Collaborating traffic

There could be anything in here. The aim of this method is: you have a friend who has a popular website. You agree on terms and decide to exchange links. He puts it on his website, and you put his link on yours. As you know, it is desirable that you are not competitors, because no one wants to share customers. Although there are exceptions when an article is written on a thematic partner site, where a link is placed in order to transfer SEO weight to a certain key request.

Traffic from the social networks

There is no sense to prove to someone efficiency and expediency of using social networks. You use it everywhere. This source of traffic can be both paid and free through the creation and promotion of groups, etc. At its core the effectiveness of this tool finds its peak since the time when advertising in social networks is paid. As a result, when a certain source is untwisted, it becomes popular and no longer requires funding, as it was at first. After all, to unwind without investment in this source of traffic, it is very difficult due to competition, popularity and saturation. And now consider in detail each of them and how to work with them.

Now let’s find out what tools will bring you visitors/customers/sales and how to work through each of them to make them work effectively.

1. Catalogues

Catalogs are still considered to be an honorary winner to build up rating of your website, as well as the fundamental reference mass. At the same time, when adding a website to a catalogs, you should follow several main rules that guarantee effectiveness of this tool. First: try to add the website to the thematic catalogs. This is the most appreciated by search engines. The more sites of similar subjects will refer to your project, the better it will be. The second rule is that the description for each directory must be unique. If you copy description from your link (main page) for each directory, then the weight of such link will be minimal. Search robots of Google and Yahoo will scan such description. If there are duplicates, the attitude towards them will not be so trusting. After all, a unique description for each directory looks natural and it will give more weight. In General, all things that are relates to spam should be forgotten. Only manual and jewelry work will be effective. Remember this once and for all.

2. Purchase of temporary and eternal links (link exchanges and article marketing)

One of the most effective and efficient methods of website promotion is buying links. They are divided into temporary and eternal links. As you know, eternal references are much more effective than their first colleagues. This is due to the fact that the older the link, the more weight it transfers. Thus, it looks real and it is well ranked by the search engines. No leap of removing the links, then their new host + missing code of automatic exchanges of purchase links, which in recent times have a very good start to distinguish between search engine bots and just not to fix them in the collection and analysis of the overall link weight.

What internal signals does Google pay the most significant attention to?

3. Updating website with unique materials

We could not pass by the tool, which in our opinion is the most effective. It is so-called internal tool to promote website. The point is simple. You run a blog or a special thematic section. As a result, the written materials bring traffic that converts readers and visitors to customers. Another task is to improve behavioral factors. The more visitors will come, the better they will be recorded by Google Analytics counters that identify them and make certain decisions. In turn, these kinds of decisions depend on how visitors behave on your website.

Try writing interesting publications and materials for your website, make it alive. We believe that there are a lot of topics and key phrases that people are looking for through questions. Answer them. Answer qualitatively and interestingly. So that your articles and publications on the website are cited in social networks of readers and recommended by them on other websites, blogs and forums.

4. Working with forums


Forum is a great classic tool for website promotion in Google. It is so loved and respected by search engines. The promotion of website itself is primarily a study of free tools from beginning to the end. Study resources such as forums are a great practical and theoretical framework for the achievement of expertise on the subject of communication with the audience and adding unobtrusive links with anchor compelling environment. According to WSA Group, which is the author of many expert articles in the field of Internet marketing and website promotion that is based on a comprehensive strategy. It is impossible to allocate only one tool. Only an integrated approach will lead the project to a high result.

5. Website promotion in blogosphere and by blogs itself

There are many services, such as BlogSpot where you can keep your headings. Here you have 3 new opportunities. The first is to attract links necessary for SEO-promotion in search engines. The second is to attract new visitors to your website through transitions from blogs. Third is to attract readers from real issue, if the article is promoted and it has appropriate authority.

You can also post links to already promoted blogs. This link looks very natural and is highly appreciated by search engines, it is not difficult to find such websites. You can pay bloggers to place articles or banner for a fee on their blog.

6. Analytics tools that come from Google search engine

We will open a secret for $1000000 dollars: first of all use those tools that are lobbying in Google services:

  1. Good website traffic for Google Analytics.
  2. Social network Google+.
  3. Create a channel on YouTube.


We think that the tools above will be enough to promote any website in Google. Of course, the power and range of tools among the SEO-specialists is much wider. In our opinion, the promotion of each project should be approached individually. It is advisable to choose the methods that are best suited for a particular subject of business.

6 main rules for those who decided to promote their website in Google

  • Make everything gradually (quantity does not mean quality and efficiency).
  • Do not spam (do everything by hand or with minimal help from robots and automated services).
  • The quality of donors (remember, the more links on your website, the less weight they transfer). Pay more attention to the quality of selected websites but not their number. Remember the main rule every resource that has link to your website should share a similar theme.
  • Comprehensive promotion (use all tools together to dilute the reference profile).
  • Work on the quality of the website (update information, work on usability).
  • Performance analysis (analyze the effectiveness of certain tools, the impact of them and the real growth rates of attendance and sales, due to a particular SEO-tool).

To which elements Google pays attention during the website ranking

– Quality. The older the domains, the better result you will get.
– Quality of content.
– A gradual buildup of links.
– Development of real tools such as blogs, forums and social networks.
– Manual promotion.
– Dilute the reference profile temporary and eternal links in equal proportions.


To properly promote your website in Google you should follow simple steps: to promote your website gradually, efficiently and with love. The main condition is that your website must be appealing to your customers. If your customers and visitors like your website, this will give a positive signal to search robots, which will result with positive movement in Google. We hope our article will help you promote your website and make it a popular resource, to your target audience.

You can also order website promotion in Google from WSA Group professionals

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of Internet marketing largely depends on the level of professionalism of specialists and agencies. You should carefully study the contract and all related conditions that guarantee the result. You can also order a comprehensive website promotion from WSA Group.

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