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Contextual advertising Google Ads is famous as the most effective way to provide information about some occasion which needs rapid client’s reaction and attraction. This is the most successful and effective marketing hook that companies use to immediately attract potential visitors to their site

Setting and Maintaining Advertising Campaigns Google Adwords

Contextual advertising is the most popular ads tool which represents as a set of ads in search engine results.

This service allows to advertiser to offer their products or services to an enormous audience of internet users by posting ads on the highest-rated sites.

Book a setting and maintaining Google Adwords service and you will get the instant growth of sales and target traffic on your website.

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We use copyrighted techniques

Copyrighted approaches in a marketing strategy implementation will guarantee rapid and long term outcome. We use our know-how in a work process. The tasks are performed on using copyrighted programme. Individual approach to the project.

The website to be developed comprehensively

We promote your website not only on the first Google page by using key requests, but also will develop the asset. From the website design to the brand reputation on the Internet.

Immersing in the business specificity

We explore the target audience and its preferences. We prepare copyrighted saleable texts for a site, prepare marketing proposals for additional sales growth.


Financial guarantees are enshrined in the Contract for the whole duration.
We provide services such as website promotion and sales increasing in English anywhere on the globe.
Manual Work
and no Automation
All projects are being provided by professionals manually. There is no automation and GETTING THE WEBSITE UNDER THE FILTERS.
Fixed Payments No Extra
Charges or Fees
The full cost is enshrined in the Contract. There are no hidden fees and extra payments.
Sales Analytics and
Conversion Growth
We work with a website conversion and number of requests increasing.
24/7 Support With Your
Personal Manager
The operational support and a project reporting to be provided by a personal account manager.
We Will Promote Your Website With Record Speed and Outstanding Quality
We Will Promote Your Website With
Record Speed and Outstanding Quality
Regular Addition of Keywords
Regular Addition of Keywords
We Don't Have any Kind of Extra Charges or Secrete Fees
We Don’t Have any Kind of Extra Charges
or Secrete Fees

Our Marketing Management Company Google Adwords Will Increase Your Sales

This is the main goal of our work, because well provided marketing campaign will guarantee a real growth your source attendance. Interesting and qualified substance of the text, provided by our specialists will definitely attract a target audience, causing necessary purchases.

To achieve this goal, our company has developed own advertising strategy. Using the opportunities of search engine system we provide “broad match” coverage, which means, that the search is launched not on the exact keyword, but on similar thematic combination and it will provide a link on your website causing the growth of visitors. At the same time, there is a strict selection process and negative words analytics, so users can click your advertisement budget.

Services which include configurations of advertising campaigns Google Adwords

1. Landing pages analytics

Landing page is a page to where all users are redirected by clicking on a contextual advertising, search engine, blogs, social networks, and it’s very important element in the the internet marketing process. Specific tasks can be solved by using particular landing pages, which can be high converting and informative. They contain a minimum of information.

2. Keyword selection

Appropriate key requests selection is an important factor for the high-quality and effective contextual advertising. Our agency specialists consider it as one of the leading indicators for the image formation and accepting the business platform by search engines and the audience. Well-selected and sorted key queries are essential for the audience attraction from the Google search.

3. Creating saleable ads

The main principle of this advertisement lies on successful saleable ads preparation. It has to be bright, attracts attention with a capacity and coinceness, has intelligible submission. Has to be profitable comparing to competitors’ offers. ODS is considered as a classic version of developing saleable ads. When drawing up a proposal, the valid reason for purchase should be formulated.

4. Google Analytics. Conversion increasing and costs decreasing

A conversion rate displays work profitability of commercial firms on the Internet. Increasing of conversion enables to achieve a maximum impact from the existing traffic without investing extra funds. This indicator is affected by the advertising resource usability, quality content and convenient navigation.

By choosing WSA Group, businesses which already have their own websites will have a unique opportunity to see a real outcome and launch their sales department to the full in short term. Our Google Adwords management and services (PPC) is a well-tuned advertising campaign.

Website Promotion Costs
Optimization and website promotion (semantic core creation) + + +
Task preparation for our SEO specialist and copywriters (eliminating any mistake from the website, publication of promotional texts, and developing a personalized strategy) + + +
Buying subject links on popular portals + + +
Selection of a personal programmer (statement of work implementation is all on us) + + +
Buying the permanent links (the permanent result) + + +
Implementing and sustaining a blog on a website (new key requests will be monthly added) + +
Setting, launching and maintaining of Google Adwords + +
Improving usability and conversion (+ concept of sales increase/implementation) +
Ability to add keywords monthly +
Keywords 30 50 From 100
Setting up targeted advertising (on Instagram/Facebook) +
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