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It took 38 years for the radio and 13 years for the television to reach an audience of 50 million people. Facebook got 200 million users less than in 1 year

Social Media Marketing Services

Order SMM from our company and you will see how it works!

More than 82% of Internet users have accounts in social networks and spend (at least) 2 hours a day there. USA ranks first in social networks’ popularity.

There is a growth in number of users who getting into social networks not for communication but for information, as long as businessmen who understand that social media is an effective marketing channel. If you want to promote a project using social networks, contact our Social Media Marketing Agency. We will analyze your business and offer you the most profitable options for promotion.

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We use copyrighted techniques

Copyrighted approaches in a marketing strategy implementation will guarantee rapid and long term outcome. We use our know-how in a work process. The tasks are performed on using copyrighted programme. Individual approach to the project.

The website to be developed comprehensively

We promote your website not only on the first Google page by using key requests, but also will develop the asset. From the website design to the brand reputation on the Internet.

Immersing in the business specificity

We explore the target audience and its preferences. We prepare copyrighted saleable texts for a site, prepare marketing proposals for additional sales growth.


Financial guarantees are enshrined in the Contract for the whole duration.
We provide services such as website promotion and sales increasing in English anywhere on the globe.
Manual Work
and no Automation
All projects are being provided by professionals manually. There is no automation and GETTING THE WEBSITE UNDER THE FILTERS.
Fixed Payments No Extra
Charges or Fees
The full cost is enshrined in the Contract. There are no hidden fees and extra payments.
Sales Analytics and
Conversion Growth
We work with a website conversion and number of requests increasing.
24/7 Support With Your
Personal Manager
The operational support and a project reporting to be provided by a personal account manager.
We Will Promote Your Website With Record Speed and Outstanding Quality
We Will Promote Your Website With
Record Speed and Outstanding Quality
Regular Addition of Keywords
Regular Addition of Keywords
We Don't Have any Kind of Extra Charges or Secrete Fees
We Don’t Have any Kind of Extra Charges
or Secrete Fees

We offer professional promotion and Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing — an essential tool for every commercial project. Promotion in social networks is the most important factor for creating a steady channel of sales and favorable image of the company. Our Company offers SMM Services, and also industry solutions, tips and tools, enable to present in the best light your business to a mass audience with their own tastes and preferences in the best light. We will arrange everything for you. The specificity of promoting the brand in social networks is not only unique but also destructive if used improperly.

Uncontrolled flows of information activity with feedbacks can influence differently on effectiviness. Complex and the best advertising in social networks require a unique conception of promotion and a concentration of master’s techniques of a Manager or a Consultant. That is why order promotion of goods and services of your company in social networks from to professionals of out Agency. We are specializing on promotion and provision Internet Marketing Services for various areas of business: real estate, dental (medical sector), law firms (law) и etc.

We will develop Effective Social Media and Marketing Strategy for your Business

→ Target context advertisement in social networks. Promotion in social networks showed that it is the most effective method for Social Media Marketing Strategy realization. Users are shown such advertisements, which they are interested in. In other words, they probably put these key requests on the Internet and they are shown related advertisements but in social networks.

→ Work with opinions of leaders. There are famous personalities and opinion’s leaders, which have their audience of virtual friends. Let’s suppose that your online store or company sell football boots, it makes sense to engage a famous football player who will advertise your goods and services on his page.

→ Viral marketing and video advertising. The development of videos and some specific events can positively influence on creating of the company’s image in social networks. We will assist you in developing this kind of video content for its further distribution.

→ Special offers to stimulate activity. Only special offers and creative events are enable to attract attention.

Starting Now – order Social Media Marketing at a bargain cost

We have favorable pricing on services. In doing so, buy/buying a package of services, you will receive strategy development for free. Send your order to our specialists and find out the real cost of promotion of your business in social networks. Our offices are open in Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong…

We regularly analyze the results of promotion in social networks through Google Analytics. Detailed assessment and useful metrics are available in services and apps such as Brandwatch, Socialbakers,, Buzzsumo. They will tell about activity and involvement of subscribers. We devote sufficient time for business promotion and generate good content. You will be able to estimate the success of promotion in social networks just in 3 months. Very soon an interested user will turn from just consumer of content into a real buyer.

By ordering Social Media Marketing Management in our Company you will receive following result

⇑ Increase in site traffic

Social network users will switch from Facebook group etc. Because of this, the purchasing power of official representative on the Internet will increase.

⇑ Creating of client base in a special platform

By working on a group, the own pool with client base is created. Due to this, customers do not leave after they just once ordered a product or used a service. They can return back many times. The goal of our SMM-managers is to stimulate them doing this.

⇑ Work with clients and their motivation to share news

Spreading information about your company and about its activity. That is how the word of mouth works. Some users discuss and share their impressions with the second, the second with the third etc. Due to this, your popularity is growing.

⇑ Significant sales increase

In just few months of active work you will see a significant sales increase, despite of relatively low costs. The number of orders is going to grow.

⇑ Increasing of brand awareness

The more people know about the company, the more it becomes popular and noticeable. When a firm is well-known to everyone, its economic activity increases tenfold. So demand on its good and services rapidly grows.

Call a free number +1 (888) 222-1571, where we will tell you in detail how the promotion process of your business will take place. We will sign the contract, agree on the list of key requests and start our cooperation.

You will have a personal manager of the project and the whole work group. You will monthly receive reports on 4 parameters:

– what have been done in 1 month
– what result it led to;
– what will be done next month;
– report of site’s positions in Google.

Website Promotion Costs
Optimization and website promotion (semantic core creation) + + +
Task preparation for our SEO specialist and copywriters (eliminating any mistake from the website, publication of promotional texts, and developing a personalized strategy) + + +
Buying subject links on popular portals + + +
Selection of a personal programmer (statement of work implementation is all on us) + + +
Buying the permanent links (the permanent result) + + +
Implementing and sustaining a blog on a website (new key requests will be monthly added) + +
Setting, launching and maintaining of Google Adwords + +
Improving usability and conversion (+ concept of sales increase/implementation) +
Ability to add keywords monthly +
Keywords 30 50 From 100
Setting up targeted advertising (on Instagram/Facebook) +
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