Website SEO Friendly – What It Is

Website SEO-friendly – they call an optimized site suitable for starting external promotion.

Today, many web studios that provide services for the creation and implementation of various turnkey web projects are successfully operating in the world. But many beginner webmasters prefer to try their hand in a new direction, after creating the site they begin to promote their web resource in search engines. However, as practice shows, not many webmasters get the result, getting into the TOP-10 for the desired keys.

Website SEO Friendly

Such a result, even with the correct approach to the link, is often associated with the presence of errors made at the stage of designing and programming the web resource. Sometimes when developing a site, programmers forget about SEO and do not create any conditions for further internal optimization and promotion of a web resource, for example, do not provide for the possibility of writing meta tags.

The main task that should be a priori in the development of effective sales tools is the creation of web resources that would simultaneously meet all the requirements of the user and search engines. In other words, all this can be called the creation of SEO-friendly sites.

In order to check your site for readiness for effective promotion, you need to pay attention to 11 main error factors that are most often found on non-optimized resources:

1) Check the code. It should be as light as possible, since the page loading speed in the user’s browser depends on this, in addition, search engines also like simple and orderly code.

2) Check page addresses (URLs). The main rule is that URLs should be logical and understandable, as this will facilitate the process of acquaintance of search robots with your web resource, for example, http// Clear and logical urls should be configured on all pages of the site.

3) Check meta tags. This term refers to headings that describe the content of the page (title) and a description of pages that specify what exactly the user will find on this page (description). Search robots get to know this information in the first place, therefore meta tags are important for the successful promotion of a resource.

4) Check the redirect settings. The site should be accessible only on one main mirror, it is better to hide all technical sections from the user, as well as configure redirects from duplicates of your pages.

5) Check the header of the site. The heading of the site must include: logo, basket (for IM), phone, physical address.

6) Check the correctness of the information in the footer. This site element should not contain any links. It is recommended to place information about the company here.

7) Check the robots.txt file – a file intended for search robots. In this file, the webmaster indicates information for indexing.

8) Check the quality of the directory structure. This test is conducted in terms of good usability. It’s good when a user can get to the end of any directory section in two clicks. It is also good when the site menu uses drop-down or drop-down lists. This facilitates the process of finding the right product/section.

9) Check the linking between pages. Linking increases the «weight» of pages. This parameter positively affects the ranking of the resource in search engines and provides higher positions in the search results.

10) Check for the presence of 404 old women. All non-existent pages of the site must give 404 server response, that is, «not found». This will allow the user to understand that he made a mistake. Also this page will allow not to lose the user, but return him to the site using the link to the product catalog or the main page.

11) Check for the presence of keywords in the text. If the text is not relevant to the title, then you can forget about the place in any more or less competitive issue. Therefore, we carefully distribute the keywords and carry out semantic optimization.

Unfortunately, we cannot contain all aspects of internal optimization in one article, but this database will be enough for you to start promoting your site in search engines.

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