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Local SEO – is a kind of search engine promotion of websites, that is used to promote sites which are closely related to concrete field. For instance, websites of legal or medical firms in Los Angeles, New York, Miami or other city. These websites are needed to be promoted in a map search and among geo-dependent queries

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This is a special tactic of search engine optimization which enables for web resources to get leading positions in search results based on visitor’s requests in a particular region.

Local SEO – is a kind of search engine promotion of websites, that is used to promote sites which are closely related to concrete field. For instance, websites of legal or medical firms in Los Angeles, New York, Miami or other city. These websites are needed to be promoted in a map search and among geo-dependent queries.

If you are an expert in any sector such as legal or medical, then this kind of promotion of website will be the most profitable and economical. If properly done, this tactic can help to small businesses with not big budgets to bypass bigger competitors.

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We use copyrighted techniques

Copyrighted approaches in a marketing strategy implementation will guarantee rapid and long term outcome. We use our know-how in a work process. The tasks are performed on using copyrighted programme. Individual approach to the project.

The website to be developed comprehensively

We promote your website not only on the first Google page by using key requests, but also will develop the asset. From the website design to the brand reputation on the Internet.

Immersing in the business specificity

We explore the target audience and its preferences. We prepare copyrighted saleable texts for a site, prepare marketing proposals for additional sales growth.


Financial guarantees are enshrined in the Contract for the whole duration.
We provide services such as website promotion and sales increasing in English anywhere on the globe.
Manual Work
and no Automation
All projects are being provided by professionals manually. There is no automation and GETTING THE WEBSITE UNDER THE FILTERS.
Fixed Payments No Extra
Charges or Fees
The full cost is enshrined in the Contract. There are no hidden fees and extra payments.
Sales Analytics and
Conversion Growth
We work with a website conversion and number of requests increasing.
24/7 Support With Your
Personal Manager
The operational support and a project reporting to be provided by a personal account manager.
We Will Promote Your Website With Record Speed and Outstanding Quality
We Will Promote Your Website With
Record Speed and Outstanding Quality
Regular Addition of Keywords
Regular Addition of Keywords
We Don't Have any Kind of Extra Charges or Secrete Fees
We Don’t Have any Kind of Extra Charges
or Secrete Fees

Which exactly Local SEO Services we offer for small business

If your company operates only in one particular geographical region, the local SEO will allow people living in this area to easily find your company on the Internet. Or if your company works in several regions, then a holistic strategy of local optimization will enable for search engines to identify store locations independently from each other so you can compete with local businesses.

Within Local SEO Services from Company you will receive:

1. Perform analysis of competitive enviroment and verify existing industry standards.
2. Development of localy optimized unique content by experienced copywriters.
3. Selection of semantic core with binding of keywords to a specific region.
4. Setting profiles in Google and Yahoo for geo-targeting.
5. Reputation management online and improving company’s image at the local level
6. Using of paid advertising, designed for habitants of particular area.
7. Interface and content localization on websites with multilingual target audience.
8. Design adaptation of web pages for users using different devices.

Why it is so profitable to promote your business locally:

1. Approximately 46% of all search requests in Google are local.
2. Exactly 50% of smartphone users browse local online shops during all day.
3. More than 78% of local mobile search requests lead to purchase goods or services.

By ordering Local SEO at our Agency you will receive

1. Localization of website

Localization of your website means that you need to specify the name of your city, district or region on the website. For companies, having their branches will be appropriate to create separate pages for each unit, which will contain a specific address . Also local content strategies can vary: participating in local events,publishing articles etc.

2. Citation

We will provide the possibility to citate your website on special platforms and online catalogues. This will not only help to clients to find your business, but also to specify your company name, its address and phone number on citation websites, and additional information in business directories will help to improve ratings in search results.

3. Google My Business

Registration your company in Google My Business – is the key step that helps to your business to show important Google services (Local Search, Maps и Google+). It must be the first online directory where we will register your company.

4. Rating and feedback management

Genuine honest feedbacks play a key role both to demonstrate qualities of your services, and to rank them in search engines. They are the signal that your website and service are reliable and useful. The amount of feedbacks you receive and the credibility of sites placing reviews and feedbacks – these are all important factors for ranking local searches. We will work in this direction.

5. Receiving quality backlinks

Backlinks from credible websites help to search systems to recognize your site as a reliable source of information. Links from local media, bloggers and business associations can help you to improve website visibility.

It’s worth nothing that we engage only natural and high-quality links which effectively influence on site promotion and position growth in an organic results. More and more people use mobile phones or tablets for searching a local company. Local SEO covers both pc and mobile internet, which means you will never miss a potential client.

We will help you to develop your business and create a stable stream of customers by using local SEO

Tendencies of local searches are very strong now and they will be more important in future. We use enormous advantages of local SEO to tell about your business to as many potential clients as possible. Everyone from plumbers and construction workers till florists and accountants can develop their businesses through our local SEO and our services.

People rely on Internet to find some information about goods and services. And if your business is not found in search results you will miss new clients. Implementing this SEO strategy for your business can help to open new perspectives for you.

Get a consultation from our specialists and book an audit of your website on its effective promotion.

Call a free number +1 (888) 222-1571, where we will tell you in detail how the promotion process of your business will take place. We will sign the contract, agree on the list of key requests and start our cooperation.

You will have a personal manager of the project and the whole work group. You will monthly receive reports on 4 parameters:

– what have been done in 1 month
– what result it led to;
– what will be done next month;
– report of site’s positions in Google.

Website Promotion Costs
Optimization and website promotion (semantic core creation) + + +
Task preparation for our SEO specialist and copywriters (eliminating any mistake from the website, publication of promotional texts, and developing a personalized strategy) + + +
Buying subject links on popular portals + + +
Selection of a personal programmer (statement of work implementation is all on us) + + +
Buying the permanent links (the permanent result) + + +
Implementing and sustaining a blog on a website (new key requests will be monthly added) + +
Setting, launching and maintaining of Google Adwords + +
Improving usability and conversion (+ concept of sales increase/implementation) +
Ability to add keywords monthly +
Keywords 30 50 From 100
Setting up targeted advertising (on Instagram/Facebook) +
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