SEO expert or Consultant – Top-5 rules to choose SEO Specialist

SEO is a very specific service, which effectiveness has been evaluated and understood only last 2 years. There are plenty of pitfalls in this area, which new by-client has to know. This article is a clear systemized manual which can…

This manual is made for those who is looking for SEO Expert or company for website promotion. When there is a question about where to promote your website, especially, when we are talking about major monthly budget which requiring a very responsible approach.

SEO is a very specific service, which effectiveness has been evaluated and understood only last 2 years. There are plenty of pitfalls in this area, which new by-client has to know. This article is a clear systemized manual which can help you to make the right decision and invest your money in development as effectively as possible.

We would like to start from the very beginning. If you want to know where you can promote your online shop or any other business by using internet technologies, you should have at least basic vision of the subtleties of work. This is the first and very important rule which enable you from not making mistakes and even if the agency has been chosen unfortunate, you will be able to stop damaging your website in time.

How to choose SEO specialist and where to start

  1. Independent search of SEO consultant

Without any doubts, each of us try to independently choose a company and, of course, start doing it online. The main factors which clients pay attention on are commonly the website position in organic search results and all sorts of marketing deals to increase company sales. If the choice fell on several SEO Consultants, you would probably pick the one which offers the most profitable and inexpensive proposal. Wouldn’t you?

And 90% of all future clients do it. At first. In future, when bad experience was taken place, the situation is changing and the process of choosing SEO company holds in completely different way. This dynamic cannot but rejoice.

To explore proposals online is not good enough for choosing SEO expert, because these specialists create all conditions to make a splash so you can be 100% sure in the level of their professionalism and qualification. That is their job – to promote and sell.

2. Friends and acquaintances’ recommendations

One of the most common method motivating you to make a choice is friend’s recommendation. Good reviews have always been clear fact and proof that the company is сompetent in one or another sphere.  And the authority of advisor is the decisive factor determining the deal’s conditions.

We decided to split audience who make decision in a favor of choosing a company to promote websites into two categories:

  1. Who make decision based on recommendations. In other words, it is enough for them to hear from their friends that «it is an awesome SEO Specialist!» «I am satisfied with work they’ve done», so they are completely ready to sign a contract with them, transfer money and start working with them.
  2. They trust but also check. This is the most demanding audience, which in contrast with audience above, make more conscious steps. For them it is not enough just to hear good reviews, but still it is 50% of decisive factor to choose a company. However, this someone will start instantly search for a proof for words their friend has said. As you can understand, the authority of advisor also plays an important role. Someone can make decision just by trusting advisor’s reviews, but someone else can start doubting professional and personal characteristics of the referrer. The most competent step is to check referrer’s site positions online, estimate its attendance (although it can be screwed through behavioral factors).

SEO Expert and Consultant

In a case your friend sells air conditioning or he owns a firm providing legal services, you should first check by using key requests what positions his site has in Google. If it is at the first page so there is no doubt this company works professionally. Let’s explore further.

3. Analytics of SEO Expert

A particular sensibility can be held by future clients, who can try to evaluate the level of company preparation based on their intuition and business experience. This method can be attributed as the most effective one, since collection of data and all information will enable to draw conclusions about the company and read between the lines.

What are criteria for the analysis


SEO services is a sphere which requires a vast experience and we will try to clarify, why this definition is a decisive factor determining the effectiveness of SEO contractor. So, search engine algorithms are always updating and improving. The quality and requirements of Google for complexity and promotion are always growing. A knowledge of how these mechanisms have been improving will allow the company to draw some conclusions and create a better system for website promotion based on trial and error. Despite the fact that algorithms yearly change, the only one concept will still prevail. The only difference between SEO-sharks is that someone has managed to develop this system and concept to promote resources. Who made it ideal.

The second reason is resources of SEO specialist or company. Resource-oriented companies are always one step ahead the others who rely on a budget. For instance, during website promotion in our agency, we will use a base of our information rating resources, which at first steps can help to significantly increase site rating and its credibility from search engines side. Summarizing this point, it is to be noted that firm’s experience should be not less than 5 years.

Progress of clients’ sites and their positions in search results

Have you ever checked where sites of company’s clients or private expert are? What positions and what attendance level they have. It is also very important to estimate information activity of promoted websites. It will illuminate a real result of Specialist, because only direct work shows the level of preparation. Of course a company which has more than 500 clients will never show all positions, especially the ones based on key phrases which leave much to be desired, this company will provide only successfully promoted websites with highest coefficient of effectiveness. So here, dear friends, is a catch. In an effort to reduce promotion costs and expenses, firms try to automate a process as much as possible, so manual labour is almost not required. Search engine specialists know that this approach works on roulette principle, someone is lucky and someone is not. So, someone who is lucky will take first positions in an organic search results.

Reviews and recommendations

Without these, no one makes important decisions and does not give the budget wide open. Who to trust promotion of your online shop when there is a budget and a proper concept? Only to a company which brings leaders and has developed around itself a certain link of successfully implemented projects in e-commerce and sales spheres. When there is a discussion about online shop promotion, due to high competition there is an issue about not only amount of the budget but also about «hands» which will use and distribute it.

4. Self study in order to check efficiency. The most effective way

We have considered the most common methods and options where is the best place to promote your site and how to choose a company or SEO specialist for this purpose. But due to fast-changing methods of business management on the Internet, many customers start thinking of exploring independently this sphere by themselves. Special staff teams is being established which work on website promotion only. Often, this way of work is more profitable since the funds go to business development and they can be easily controlled and monitored. The majority of our clients, with whom we build trust and transparent relationships, are aware of how the promotion process will be conducted. This format of cooperation allows to avoid dissatisfaction and the emerge of dispute in the future.

5. Systems of cooperation Contractor-Customer and conditions

Each company has its own principles and structure of work. Key points are presented in a Contract, that’s why before jump for joy, that finally you have found an awesome agency or a specialist, ask for conditions of promotion. Without a doubt, there are some certain subtleties that you should know.  There are a lot of these moments such as payment for agency, which may vary  depend on result and additional remuneration upon entering one or another key request lists in the top and much more.

Where to promote your site so you can be 100% sure in the result and full impact

As you can see, the specifics of SEO industry imply many aspects both internal (first stage of work) and external (from allocating funds on link purchasing to the conditions of achieving results).

There are certain ratings of SEO companies, based on which it is possible to make a choice. But you are certainly aware, that this kind of resources are made by the companies themselves in order to increase recognition and image-making. There are hardly any companies which will voluntary invest in the development of such resources and publish free ratings of these agencies. As a rule, during providing a marketing campaign, many companies pay special attention on a status in a professional community and lines in full rating. Therefore, in the eyes of future customer, who does not know all details, this company can seem the most credible and expert. But time passes and this client either  find confirmation of their observations in real actions of the contractor and their choice or completely disappointed  and start searching for another firm.

SEO Experts advantages in WSA Group

Transparent pricing.  Based on work results a monthly report is provided, so you will be able to see list of links purchased for your website. There are no hidden fees. You will understand how much and on what  your money is being spent.

Long-term work and the absence of impossible promises. We openly say that it is necessary to work in a long-term basis. That’s why, website should be promoted from this point of view. We do not provide any short-term works for 3-4 months.

We hope, this article will help you to wisely determine with companies and build correct relationships, which will bring you benefits in the shortest possible time in the form of rapid attendance growth of clients.

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