Web-analytics site – a competitive advantage

Competitive advantage in an era beyond competition

Web analytics site - a competitive advantage

Web analytics is a kind of analysis of the behavior of site visitors, their actions and the transition chain. Based on the analysis, you can determine the key errors of the site, take a number of measures that will maximize the visitor closer to the main purpose of the site – to buy goods, order a service. In this case, the main task is to assess the quality and time spent on the site. Having come to your project, the visitor should no longer have a single doubt to buy from you. In other words, conducting a comprehensive web audit of an Internet resource will increase the conversion rate of ordinary website visitors to real customers.

Today, many companies, especially those whose activities depend directly on the Internet and the effectiveness of promotion. In particular, this concerns online stores, the competition of which is the most tangible. Thus, web analytics is a special tool that allows you to conduct quality advertising campaigns, thanks to the preparation and refinement of a resource that will collect client traffic. In an era of over-competition on the net, all methods are good. A study of the selling qualities of the site is the prerogative of No. 1.


 Analytics process

Development of sales pages that visitors will visit. The quantity of sales and the visitor engagement coefficient will depend on how well structured and thought-out the pages of the site are. In addition, the correct setting of landing pages will reduce the cost of contextual advertising and make investments profitable (ROI). Our task will be to work out the structure of the pages, the path to the purchase of goods, clicking on buttons, etc.

Creating a map of paths and transitions. The main rule of any site is that it should be convenient. It is necessary to cause the visitor a sense of comfort and sympathy in relation to the resource. If the user did not like the page he went to, it is necessary to make sure that later he still finds the necessary information and an exhaustive assessment. As a rule, a client can be attracted by various sales promotion rules – minimum discounts; gifts; stocks etc.

Restructuring of key elements of the site. Very often it happens that the site is unsuccessful: it is inconvenient on it, the search for information is not available, there are no forms to save the visitor’s time, etc. In this case, you need to redesign the site, or change the key elements – the menu, appearance, forms of ordering goods, etc. There are a lot of nondescript sites on the Internet, but they perform their main function much more efficiently than sites with thousands of dollars invested in their design.


  • Increase in attendance. As a rule, attendance will increase due to the re-optimization of the site and the creation of exclusive sections and units of goods, due to which users will be able to precisely search for products and buy it.
  • Increase sales. After the recommendation is implemented after a web audit, the number of visits will increase, and, consequently, sales will increase up to 50%. This will happen by setting specific goals on the site. Shopping accuracy will increase by half, rather than regular visits
  • Return on investment in online advertising. Your site will be structured, which means it will be able to sell more. At the same time, all investments in advertising will be justified. Since your site will be prepared for visits and purchases on it. Sales promotion methods, working in conjunction with electronic mechanisms, will allow you to squeeze the most out of your site with minimal investment.
  • Increase the time visitors stay on the site. This will happen by creating a human-readable map of the paths and structure of transitions. Users will be attracted by advertising elements, which means that he will spend more time on your site, studying the information. The more people spend time on the project, the more likely it is that the purchase will be made from you, as soon as you provide the person with exhaustive facts and inform him about the benefits of the purchased product directly through your website. This is achieved by writing sales texts.
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