What is SEO

What does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) mean? It does mean sleepless nights, crazy budgets, endless fight for top rating positions in an organic search result, using unscrupulous methods in order to negatively impact on one or other website’s credibility to take their place…

What does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) mean? It does mean sleepless nights, crazy budgets, endless fight for top rating positions in an organic search result, using unscrupulous methods in order to negatively impact on one or other website’s credibility to take their place.

Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a range of complex activities which can prove to search engines that the resource represents a real value for visitors and a level of trust in it is invaluable and justified.

What is Search Engine Optimization & how does it work?

What is Search Engine Optimization

Modern engineering search optimization  has experienced several revolutions of SS (hereinafter Search Systems, Google for instance). SEO has significantly transformed and became a powerful tool to achieve corporate goals and business tasks. If earlier people trying to understand what SEO ideally means, estimated a tool as a stupid type of internet spam, so now optimizers have a mission to reach a real authoritativeness and resource popularization, not to achieve artificial imitation of growth of link equity which can be implemented by automatic services without input of human mind and arms. The main difficulty is that to make it more smooth and clear for search engines. This exclusive article was created by WSA Group experts was designed to answer following questions: what SEO Marketing is and how search engine optimization works with the latest trends and innovations.

SEO Marketing technology trick – what’s this really about?


«Are you in an active search for search engine respect? First earn it from your customers and then search engines will eager to show you for other ones…»

«Main SEO Marketing principles are to value and respect its visitor. Site promotion and love to each customer. This is what is important to SEO».

WSA Group

Work and work again. Day and night monitor where you can place links for free. Daily try to make a posting link more natural either to visitors or to Search Systems. It should look like it was put for free due to your website popularity. And advise your website to their clients. The greatest impact of SEO website promotion happens when an optimizer manages to harmoniously put together all internet marketing instruments, which aim is not useless increase of a link equity, but achieving a real authoritativeness of the project on the Internet. Thematic donors sharing their weights with the promoting website and level of their trustworthy become a leading factor for a sugar spot in organic search giants.

SEO tasks and how they work

Through hardships to the stars directly to Olympus of search results. If there is search engine optimization and SEO promotion for example of the resource which is responsible for air conditioner selling, then SEO experts aim is to bring at the first  SS page such key phrases as «air conditioners», «to buy an air conditioning», «air conditioners with installation», «AC Los Angeles» etc. After completing effective scheduled work the website occupies the leading positions in search results. The higher site’s rank is the more chances for website to be found by potential clients who will order products/services are. As far as you understood this instrument is a bomb! Considering its availability everyone who understands this topic and know promotion principles can easily get into TOP-10. Good effect can be achieved with a minimum impact. It is a fact.

Getting into the first position is not the main SEO goal. This is just a half of a case, which can be done with minimum cost and time. The biggest challenge here is to keep achieved rating and not to overdo with links.

SEO marketing tools

Under SEO tools we mean all well-known methods of internet marketing which can positively influence on project’s recognition. Even advertisement on a radio or TV (if it was properly made of course) can have beneficial effect on SEO promotion. Reviews about your company will be left in professional and thematic communities and sites, the company will be also evaluated, iscussed, compared with others etc. The more mentions you will get on the Internet the higher level of trust you will gain from the Search Systems.

Direct SEO tools:

  • Buying temporary links.
  • Buying eternal links.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Video promotion.
  • Work with reviews and reputation marketing on the Internet (SERM).
  • Promotion through social networks (SMM) etc.

Indirect SEO tools:

  • External advertising on a radio or TV.
  • Context, banner or teaser advertising.
  • Participation in thematic exhibitions.
  • Participation as general, informational sponsor in order to place a link which redirect to your website.
  • Participation in thematic exhibitions.
  • Writing a book or maintain newsletter and much more.

As you can see, the arsenal of tools is extremely large. Even methods, which seem have zero connection to this sphere,   somehow influence on building the informational company profile on the Internet. A combination of methods is a determining factor which should be remembered by everyone from optimizers, who is responsible for direct SEO till staff and clients, who can influence on the company’s information policy both in terms of placing links and transferring information from one virtual user to another on the Internet.

SEO Outcome

«The main SEO goal is a leading website position in the industry. The absolute leadership will enable your project to work efficiently on its name and itself without any impact from the project’s owner».

To win the best positions through hard work, sweat, talent and cash infusions. Later, to provide a range of  intensive actions which help to enable and keep top positions in search results for a maximum possible period. After the website is promoted there will come a stage of keeping the results and rating positions. Against all expectations the result of SEO marketing is not only achieving the first lines of search engines, it is more a large number of visitors and great visibility on the Internet. Although, without a doubt, this is the outcome and bonus for this hard work.

We would love to recommend to all SEO specialists to search for more deep answer for this question. Our opinion is that the main SEO goal is a website leadership in a key theme. Not only positions, but also relevance and project’s recognition is a strategic aim of every internet campaign. A leadership in industry will allow your project to work on itself and its name. So there is a conclusion to do their utmost, so the website will promote and pay off without any help from its owner. This is the true and most ambitious goal of dynamic, modern and high-speed SEO industry.

«SEO is not a link purchase. Today SEO is a complex work with many internet marketing instruments ».

SEO optimization’s backstage games

All’s fair in war. Frankly speaking the main feature of marketing tool on the internet is nothing about how to achieve the TOP-3 or Top-10 etc. That’s not exactly right. Because all actions are aimed at shifting a competitor from their positions based on popular key requests. Is this method can be considered as «white» as  SEO specialists love to name it? Well, it is difficult to call this method fair from the competition’s point of view. Let’s face it, what it is. All conception and drive consist in one program and one conception of removing competitors. They should be put down. Often the goal is not overtaking competitors’ websites using more qualified link weight but artificially decreasing of the project SEO policy through black or grey manipulation methods of trust from search systems side.

But it’s a topic for a different article…

Damon Larocque
28.03.2019 pm 11:31
Hi there! I was told that you are using Yoggy's Money Vault E-Mail Scraper. Would you recommend it? Is it good for gathering leads? I was given your site on an SEO forum. Cheers mate. Look forward to hearing from you as I want to buy the software.
02.03.2020 pm 8:33
You are using prohibited methods of website promotion. We work only with white methods, therefore, our sites always occupy ranking positions!
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